Member Spotlight: Price Gregory, Inc.


Price Gregory International, Inc. (PGI) is a name associated throughout the world as a leader in pipeline and facility construction for the past 80 years.

PGI is the largest pipeline contractor in North America and is wholly owned by Quanta Services, Inc. Since its role on the Trans Alaska Pipeline Project starting in 1975, PGI’s Alaska Division has provided consistent construction and management services for diverse Alaskan clients that include the oil & gas and mining industries, utilities, and local, state and federal government agencies.

PGI’s professional project management and construction expertise throughout Alaska includes:
• Construction of large-scale Cross-County Gas, Oil, and Products Pipelines
• Installation of Pump Stations, Compressor Stations, Metering and Valve Stations
• Power Plant and Power Related Projects , including Renewables and EPC
• Maintenance and Projects for Alyeska on the Trans Alaska Pipeline
• Automatic Welding Equipment and Services
• Military Defense Projects

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