Member Spotlight: Alaska Executive Search

Alaska Executive Search employees

Alaska Executive Search employees

AES is Alaska's foremost full-service staffing and recruitment agency.  We partner with a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Administrative, Technical/IT/Engineering, Construction - at all levels. Whether you're an employer or job-seeker, part-time jobs and employees to suit your needs.

Is your project long term? Short term? Do you need experienced C-Suite staff or "SEAS-staff (Super Extraordinary Admin Staff)?  No matter, finding that perfect fit can be more arduous than catching sight of Bigfoot so WE make it our full-time job!

If you're looking to leave your current position or hire confidentially, we go to "James Bond Mode" - we only share what you want us to. We are proudly Alaskan owned with strong relationships statewide, Juneau to Utqiagvik, we’ve got you covered!

As a candidate the service is completely FREE—read that again, I'll give you a second—FREE. We have a 90 day guarantee for direct hires so if the candidate or client isn't a good fit, we won't give up on you!

Our sister company BMG screens executives with the Gallup Strengths Assessments prior to the client-candidate interview. Along with screening, BMG offers soft skills training twice a year –talk about added value (Billy Mays would be proud)!

The next step? (No pressure.) Contact AES or BMG to find out how these Alaskan staffing and business consultants can make your busy professional life that much easier and your business that much more productive! We look forward to working with you.

Contact us for more information at 907-276-5707 or visit our website at

Clay Butcher