Member Spotlight: Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc.


Petroleum Equipment & Services, Inc. is a broad based operation that has expanded its philosophy of service and marketing strategy to other areas over 36 years. Through the years Petroleum Equipment & Services, or PESI, has survived the economic swings of the petroleum industry and as a result the companies PESI represents have had continuous representation in Alaska.


PESI is a versatile company that provides oilfield services to remote areas of Alaska from major manufacturers in the Lower 48. PESI has its main office in Anchorage and two field offices located one in Kenai (ASTECH) and the other at Prudhoe Bay. The company has exclusive distribution in Alaska, representing dozens of vendors and ability to supply hundreds of various items; from Halliburton bits to Reznor heating unit parts.

PESI’s ASTECH Division is making a valuable contribution to the environment being a Green Star company that cleans and recycles plastic thread protectors in Alaska. This specialty division has kept over 10 million pounds of metal and plastic out of landfills, while providing a local Alaskan solution for new and used thread protectors

“At PESI we strive to obtain profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment to our customers. We will accomplish this while working safely and protecting our environment for future generations of Alaskans.” PESI supports every phase of operations from site preparation, downhole operations, to ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Clay Butcher