Member Spotlight: Lounsbury and Associates


Lounsbury and Associates is Alaska’s oldest Surveying and Engineering Company. Founded in 1949 while Alaska was still a Territory of the United States, our company and the great state of Alaska have grown together. Major milestones for the State of Alaska and Lounsbury tend to go hand and hand. We are proud of our contribution to making Alaska a great place to live.

Over our history we have completed thousands of surveying, planning, and engineering projects covering the vast expanse of Alaska. Our skilled professionals provide you with the technical expertise gained over years of application on a diverse range of projects. We specialize in the following services (with examples): 


Geospatial Services - Surveying, Right of Way, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) Engineering - planning studies, designing highways and intersections, or developing sites Site development - local zoning codes; approval of community expectations, boards and commissions; and political climate

Oil and Gas - Exploration well location, pad and road designs, and piping layout.

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