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Alliance History

1979 Paul Harding, Dave Harbour, Bob Ryan and Joe Mathis brainstorm the concept for an organization that could unite oil patch businesses to deal with industry challenges.

1983 The first Meet Alaska energy conference is held. Today, Meet Alaska is the state’s largest one-day energy conference.

1984 Traditions including networking breakfast forums and the annual legislative Juneau fly-in begin.

1989 A chapter of the Alliance, the Prudhoe Bay Environmental Alliance, is instrumental in the Scrap Haul Project, a monstrous recycling effort on the North Slope. Tens of thousands of tons of scrap metal were removed from the Slope through this project.

1992 Alliance Scholarship Fund is founded.

1995 The Alliance helps found the Arctic Chapter of Green Star, along with a number of other organizations. This program outlines standards for recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention on the North Slope.

1997 Alliance offers comprehensive health plan to members.

2000-present The Alliance has cultivated many relationships over the years with oil and gas producers, the contracting community, elected officials and peer organizations in Alaska and Canada, and continues to play a fundamental role in paving the way for a stronger, more vital Alaska.