2018 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum

  • 10/4/18 LNG Panel – moderated by Larry Persily: Damian Bilbao with BP, Senator Cathy Giessel – Presentation

  • 10/4/18 Lisa Bruner,  Senior VP of Asset Management-Conoco Phillips Update – Presentation

  • 10/4/18 Ed King, King Economics–Updates on Alaska’s Economy Presentation

  • 10/4/18 Richard D’Ardenne, Sr. Vice President Development – Oil Search Update – Presentation

  • 10/4/18 Mead Treadwell- Presentation

2018 Meet Alaska Conference & Trade Show

  • 2/22/18 Lee Thiebert, Chugach Purchase of MLP – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Janet Weiss, BP Alaska – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Brent Sheets, Institute of Northern Engineering – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Joe Marushack, ConocoPhillips Alaska – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Kati Capozzi, Stand for Alaska – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Pete Trelenberg, Exxon Mobil Corporation – Presentation

  • 1/18/18 Riki Ellison, Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance – Presentation

2017-2018 Anchorage Breakfast Presentations

  • 1/10/19 Corri Feige, Alaska Department of Natural Resources Update - Presentation

  • 12/13/18 Mead Treadwell, Alaska's Arctic Agenda - Presentation

  • 5/16/18 Mark Hamilton, Pebble Project – Presentation

  • 5/10/18 Regan Debban with Benefit Comply – Presentation

  • 4/12/18 Alicia Siira, Deputy Director of the Alaska Miners Association, and Karen Matthias, Executive Director of the Council of Alaska Producers – Presentation

  • 3/22/18 Mike Navarre, Commissioner of the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development – Presentation

  • 2/8/18 Mark Davis, Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority – Presentation

  • 9/14/17 Carl Geisler, Glacier Oil & Gas – Presentation

  • 10/26/17 Mike Dunn, Hilcorp – Presentation

  • 11/8/17 Frank Richards, AGDC – Presentation


2017-2018 Kenai Luncheon Presentations

  • 9/15/17 Kara Moriarty, Alaska Oil & Gas Association – Presentation

2017/2018 Fairbanks Luncheon Presentations

2017 Annual Meeting & Board Election


2017 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum

2017 Alliance Kenai Safety Summit


2014 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum

Increase Your Business’ Competitiveness in the Oil & Gas Industry!


2013 Meet Alaska

Anchorage Breakfast Forums 2012-2013 season

2012 Fairbanks Industry Update Forum


2012 Meet Alaska

Arthur E. Berman Labyrinth Consulting Services, Inc.

U.S. Shale Gas: Magical Thinking

Cathy FoersterThe Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC) Marianne Kah, Chief Economist, ConocoPhillips

Alaska’s Role in World Energy Supplies

Ed Merrow, Author of “Industrial Mega Projects”

Independent Project Analysis, Inc.

The Seven Deadly Mistakes in Industrial Megaprojects

Bruce Tangeman

Deputy Commissioner DOR

Exploration Credits and Production Tax

Jeff Watkins

Chairman of Coal, Wood Mackenzie

Trends in Global Coal Markets

Anchorage Breakfast Forums 2011-2012 season

05-10-12 John Barnes, Hilcorp Alaska, LLC

04-12-12 Bud Cribley, Bureau of Land Management

03-22-12 Patrick Gamble, President of the University of Alaska

03-08-12 Greg Hobbs, P.E., State of Alaska, Division of Oil and Gas

02-23-12 Donna Logan, McDowell Group

01-12-12 Brad Keithley, Perkins Coie LLP

Judge Gleason’s Decision

12-08-11 Steve Borell, Alaska Miners Association

11-10-11 Marilyn Crockett, Alaska Oil & Gas Association

10-27-11 Colleen Richards, Stakeholder Relations Manager, Linc Energy

09-08-11 Pete Slaiby, Vice President Shell Alaska

Anchorage Breakfast Forums 2010-2011 season

04-28-11 Neal Fried, Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development

02-24-11 Bart Armfield, Brooks Range Petroleum

02-10-11 JR Wilcox, Cook Inlet Energy

01-27-11 James Gill, Alaska Energy Authority

01-13-11 Governor Bill Sheffield, Port of Anchorage Update


Fairbanks Luncheon Forums

12-07-11 Trabits Group

03-02-11 Roger Marks, Consultant to the Legislature

Fairbanks Industry Update Forum 09/21/11

ASAP & Industrial Megaprojects – Dave Haugen

ConcoPhillips Update – Scott Jepsen

Flint Hills/Golden Valley Electric Association – LNG Trucking Partners – Mike Brose/Brian Newton

Pebble Mine Update – Mike Heatwole

Shell Alaska Update – Brent Ross

2011 Meet Alaska Conference & Tradeshow


Mark Finley

General Manager, Global Energy Markets/U.S. Economics,

BP America ConocoPhillips

Greg Garland Senior Vice President, Exploration & Production, Americas


Randy Broiles Vice President-Americas, ExxonMobil Production Company The Fraser Institute

Fred McMahon

Vice President Research, International

National Ocean Policy Coalition

Jack BelcherManaging Director North Dakota Petroleum Council

Terry Kovacevich

Vice Chairman

Pioneer Natural Resources

Jay Still

Executive Vice President, Domestic Operations


Robert Blaauw Global Arctic Team Lead Wood Mackenzie

Ed Kelly

Vice President, North American Gas & Power